David Mitchell Family Album Table of Contents

Page 01 - David Glashan Mitchell and Madge Morley
Page 02 - David Mitchell and Madge Morley Wedding Announcement
Page 03 - David Mitchell and Madge Morley Wedding Picture
Page 04 - David Glashan Mitchell and Madge Morley Wedding Picture
Page 05 - Madge Morley Wedding Picture
Page 06 - David Mitchell Army Photo
Page 07 - Madge and Madge and Baby Barbara
Page 08 - David Glashan Mitchell and Madge Morley
Page 09 - David, Madge, Francis Mitchell with Reg Mitchell and Barbara

Page 10 - David, Madge, Grandma and Grandpa Morley
Page 11 - David, Madge. Edna Mitchell and children Reg and Barbara
Page 12 - Little girl pictures of Barbara And Madge
Page 13 - Morley and Mitchell Christmas pictures
Page 14 - David, Madge, Barbara and Brian Mitchell
Page 15 - David Mitchell graduation photos from University of Maryland
Page 16 - David, Madge and children
Page 17 - Madge (second from left) at a Relief Society Party
Page 18 - Brian, Madge, Barbara and David at Ocean City
Page 19 - Madge with friend of David's at Ocean City

Page 20 - Madge - picture she liked the least of herself
Page 21 - Pictures of David at work
Page 22 - Picture of David at work
Page 22 back - Description of page 22
Page 23 - David (first on left) getting award
Page 24 - Certificate of Achievement awarded to David
Page 25 - David Mitchell and father Nolan Dickson Mitchell
Page 26 - Picture of Nolan D. Mitchell and David at birthday party with Carolyn and Barbara
Page 27 - Remodeled picture of Nolan Mitchell's house, work picture of David, Madge with brother Tom, Barbara, Brian and Carolyn
Page 28 - Barbara, Brian and Carolyn Halloween pictures
Page 29 - Madge and David at church party

Page 30 - House on Haycock Road, Carolyn and neighbors
Page 31 - Brother Nolan with family and Mom and Pop Thrower
Page 32 - Vacation cabin in Maine
Page 33 - Madge and views of house on Haycock Road
Page 34 - Barbara, Madge, Carolyn and Brian at Mt. Vernon. Brian beside snowman at Tyler Gardens Home
Page 35 - Postcard of Augsburg, Germany
Page 36 - Carolyn, Barbara and Tammy at Adielsreid, Germany. Inside house in Aystetten, Germany
Page 37 - Views and inside house in Aystetten, Germany
Page 38 - Top Picture is of David, Madge, Tammy and probably Jean Greenhaulgh at hotel in Adielsreid, Germany. Don't know what the bottom 2 pictures are of.
Page 39 - Where we lived in Adielsreid, Germany

Page 40 - David and Madge
Page 41 - Pictures in Germany
Page 42 - First house we lived in when back from Germany at top. This house was loaded with cockroaches - UGH! Other 2 pictures are of house on Carol Lane.
Page 43 - Pictures of Madge in house on Carol Lane
Page 44 - Pictures taken at house on Carol Lane. Madge, Carolyn and Tammy
Page 45 - Madge and Tammy on trip to Disneyland. Pictures of Howard and Rachael Hanson.
Page 46 - Barbara's Graduation from BYU. Madge and Tammy in D.C. and beach
Page 47 - Christmas at Carol Lane. Mom Thrower and Edna Mitchell
Page 48 - Brians High School Graduation.
Page 49 - Assorted pictures of Madge, Carolyn, Tammy, Tom Morley and Jennifer Morley.

Page 50 - Christmas at Carol Lane. Madge and Brian
Page 51 - Grandfather Leroy b. Morley, TV shots of first man on moon
Page 52 - Grandfather Leroy Morley, Madge, Carolyn, Bob, Donna, Leroy Morley (Madges brother), Reg, Francis and Edna Mitchell
Page 53 - Roy’s farmhouse in Maryland - Madge, Tammy, Carolyn, Roy, Donna, Milt
Page 54 - Madge gets ready to marry Dan Taylor
Page 55 - Mitchell family vacation ata Brians cabin in North Carolina
Page 56 - Madge and sister-in-law Edna Mitchell. More pictures of vacation in North Carolina - Brent Wilkinson with Madge and Brian.
Page 57 - Dan Taylor, Bruce Taylor, Madge, Carolyn and Ray Walker and Barbara having dinner in Logan Canyon. Carolyn, Laureen and Brian Mitchell- ground zero after 9/11.
Page 58 - Blank Page
Page 59 - Barbara, Brian, Carolyn and Tammy Pictures

Page 60 - Madge’s Grandchildren - Sarah Wilkinson, Kristen Mitchell, Brittany M., Suzanne M., Holly W., Heidi W., Ryan W. and Jason Bell
Page 61 - Brian and Laureens wedding Day
Page 62 - Suzanne Mitchell
Page 63 - Kristen, Brian, Laureen, Suzanne and Brittany Mitchell family photo. Brian and Suzanne
Page 64 - Kristen, Suzanne and Brittany Mitchell
Page 65 - Suzanne, Brittaney and Kristen Mitchell
Page 66 - Suzanne, Brittany and Kristen Mitchell
Page 67 - Suzanne and Brittany on Brian’s lap; Kristen behind
Page 68 - Pictures of Kristen Mitchell
Page 69 - Brittany, Suzanne and Brian Mitchell

Page 70 - Blank Page
Page 71 - Jason Bells H.S. Graduation - Jay, Jason and Carolyn Bell
Page 72 - Page Blank
Page 73 - Jason Bell
Page 74 - Blank Page
Page 75 - Madge - above. Carolyn, Madge, Reg and Edna Mitchell
Page 76 - Information on church where Carolyn married Ray Walker.
Page 77 - Dan Taylor, Carolyn and Ray horseback riding in Utah.
Page 78 - Blank Page
Page 79 - Heidi, Holly, Sarah - front. Madge, Tammy and Brent Wilkinson in back. Logan house.

Page 80 - Blank Page
Page 81 - Heidi Wilkinson
Page 82 - Blank Page
Page 83 - Holly Wilkinson
Page 84 - Holly (far right) cheerleading
Page 85 - Ryan Wilkinson
Page 86 - Ryan Wilkinson
Page 87 - Sarah Wilkinson
Page 88 - Blank Page

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