An Introduction to the Mitchell Family Albums

This is going to be the starting point for the Albums I will be putting online. Right now the only one I have done is the David Mitchell Family Album.
Next I will start working on the Mitchell, DeWandelear, Campbell Album.

Finally, I'll work on putting together an album from family pictures I have, plus those that other family members send to me.

All these pictures were been scanned in at 8 ½ by 11, but I had to crop some of them as they were too big for my server. You can't right click on a single picture to save it as individual picture. If you just want an individual picture you'll have to use a cropping tool. Some that I found are:

1. Photoeditor is a downloadable program that you can install on your computer. It has very many features for editing your pictures, not just limited to cropping. And it's free!

2. Picresize is an online utility which allows you to pick a picture on your PC; alter it by cropping it or using some of it's other functions and then save it back to your PC.

I havn't codded web pages in over 20 years, so these pages and albums are pretty rudimentary.

Email me if you have more information or corrections on any page. Be sure to include the page number.
Also, please send me other pictures you may have. Thanks!